Sunday at the McDonald’s, Sydney

Just visited a Mc Donalds on last Sunday, it wasn’t a surprise to order with the self touch screen order monitor.. So I just tried to order what is advertised on the media, The Australian Wagyu Burger. I couldn’t miss this limited edition burger.


I started to touch the the touch screen and make an order. Its simple and all the picture of the items there, if you want to upgrade or change the meal are there and I just touch them. Even when I ordered the coffee, what milk you like to put in order, size and coffee.. everything just in your touching way and easy. But I missed the crew as they always ask you, do you want this with your order or up selling way from the crew that they did it when you are ordering face to face in the past.


So, I need to picked the coffee at the Mc cafe counter which is just apposite the Meal counter. Got my coffee and waiting for the burger. They called my order number which is printed in you receipt from the machine after you swap your card in those ordering monitor.


The burger came in a black box, the special Australian Wagyu beef burger. Its a burger that I believe to be good. I opened the box and start to have a look, the beef is a bit dry and the veggies were good plus a bacon was between veggies and the bun


I started to taste them, the bun was nice and I started my first bite of the beef. I bite slowly and i can feel it, the moist and fat from the wagyu beef. I ate slowly an the wagyu taste is  more appearing on my mouth from the beef. Its a good one, and I enjoyed till the last bite.

McD-Wagyuburger side

Before I went home, I ordered the ice coffee as the whether was hot in Sydney. Its my happy day with the wagyu burger and two cups of coffee and chips.

McD-ice coffee


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