YOMG Burgers in Melbourne, Australia

My friend asked me to try one of the burger in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, when I visited Melbourne. He gave the address and here I am. The YOMG Burger, shake and frozen yogurt. The place is easy to be reached, it is in the heart of Glen Waverley busy strip food main road. The shop is located right next to the Glen Waverley train station. The address is GF/65-67 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150

The opening hours is Sunday to Thursday from 11.00am to 11.00pm and Friday-Saturday from 11.00am to Midnight.


Inside the shop is just a counter and the dine tables. There are many people are enjoying either the burgers or the yogurt and shakes.  I saw the the wall that described the words YOMG. Its stand for Yo My Goodness. Yo.. Its a burgers +shakes + Frozen yogurt.

Then, I placed the order for myself and all of the list order from the cousins at home. The girl at the counter showed me and asked me for the sauce,  what is the sauce that I would like to put in my burgers. The choices is too many for me from Sriracha, Jalapeno Mayo, Basil, Plain Mayo, Jalapeno jam, Chipotle and the one of bothered me was the secret sauce. I asked the girl who was served me there, what is secret, the answer is SECRET……..


Next is the bun.. do you want change your buns, there is a black bun, milk bun, Gluten free bun and beetroot Bun.. So which colour do you like? Are you still not happy with the bun? Order them without bun and they will replaced you with the salad instead.





The orders are ready and packed them and ready to back home to enjoy the burgers, They put the name of each burger with rubber band, so there is no chance to get the wrong one..


The ratio of meat and other ingredients are in good combination, thus create the best taste in your bites.


The Burgers are nice and relatively not expensive with the size and taste. Recommended for the burgers and I will definitely will come back to try another burgers.


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