Lune Croissanterie-Melbourne

I am in Melbourne and it’s Saturday morning. I had decided to make a visit to the famous Croissant in Melbourne; LUNE Croissanterie. I arrived at the spot – 119 Rose St, Fitzroy around 6.30 am and couldn’t see anyone there.. I came early since I heard of people queuing and waiting for hours to taste the famous croissant – given there wasn’t anyone there, I thought it was going to be a quieter day today and maybe this place is just not as busy anymore.

The sign showed they open the at 8.00 am on Saturdays. I met one of the baker who had just arrived and asked whether this was the right place, since there was no queue at 6.30 am – not the expectation I had, based on the story of others who had to get up at dawn just to taste the famous croissant. I decided to drive around and looked at the surrounding. Once I got back at 7.00 am the queue had already started and I rushed to get parking and jumped to the queue. It had started and as I stood there, I wondered how good is the croissant. One hour to go and the queue got longer.

About 8.05 am, the roller door opened and one of the staff welcomed us to the store. I followed the line and I was that a bakery? It doesn’t look like it. In front of me was a table with different croissants on the bench and tablets. I saw the big production room and coffee machine and the barista on the right hand side. Wow, this doesn’t look like your average bakery.

I still wasn’t quite sure of what to do and just observed the people at the front line. The queue moved pretty quickly and when I arrived at the bench, the staff were there ready with the pads.

Now as it got closer to my turn, I acted like I know how the system works in here. I saw the croissants on the bench and one of the staff asked me what she could help me with today. I just said I want a croissant, what a stupid answer wasn’t it. Then she explained the variety that they had and I just need to tell her which one I wanted from the sample at the table…..

Oh… I understand now that the croissant on the bench were samples of whats available on the day and customers selects what to order and the staff will capture the order using their pads. We paid for our order and we ware set.


I paid for my order, but I asked her where to order the coffee.  Lucky I asked, because I needed to order and pay for the coffee there too. I bought a latte and paid the total the she gave me a receipt and ask me to wait around. I looked around and was amazed with the production room. It’s a big room, covered with glass wall and off course it was a cold area, since they are ‘playing’ with the butter. Not long after I moved aside to the barista side, the coffee was given to me. So I enjoyed the coffee whilst I waited for my order.


I tried the satay croissant, I can see the chicken with satay sauce and the pickle between the croissant and the chicken.. Its new for me to taste the signature croissant, but I can say the combination is great and unique.


The menu


I saw the staff in the production area folded and layers and layers of dough. It’s three days dough used in their production and I can see what an expert they are. They folded and flatten them and folded them again..its a way how a nice croissant should be in their production process.

lune adonan

I can see the quality of the dough…while was flatted by the pastry dough flatener.


Now, is was time for me to go home and enjoy the croissant – enjoy the different taste that I bought. Its gonna be Saturday Croissant break.


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