Sedap Malaysian Street Food, Sydney

Looking for something original of Malaysian street foods in Sydney? I heard there is a restaurant in Westfield Eastgarden, Pagewood called SEDAP.  The name SEDAP which is means delicious in english. Wow, Delicious, suddenly, the nasi lemak aroma and its  playing in my mind when I was in Kuala Lumpur not long ago. I missed the foods in there. So I should go there and taste the Nasi lemak, I always love the food very much. The restaurant is located at the new Food section  in Level G that you can enter from Banks Avenue, Pagewood.


When I was in Westfield Eastgarden, its not hard to get the restaurant, its in new restaurant section at Westfield Eastgarden, Pagewood. The Restaurant layout is nice, set up like a kopitiam, the traditional style restaurant or take away in Malaysia. The tables and chairs are good and create the authentic atmosphere. I was hungry and I checked the menu, I ordered the nasi lemak and one of my fellow ordered the rice noodles with gravy and also we ordered the roti canai with curry. Its all the street food style in Malaysia. It is not complete if we not order the basic. The most important in kopitiam  is the Teh Tarik, basically it is  a milk tea and prepared traditionally by the crew (can we call them Barista for Kopitiam ?)

I also ordered the kaya toast, its a Malaysian/Singapore traditional toast. A companion for the Teh tarik. While I enjoyed the teh tarik and shared my kaya toast with my friend, the nasi lemak was served.



The Nasi Lemak is the icon of Malaysian Food. Its a coconut rice with fried crispy anchovy and peanut with Sambal Balacan. It served with beef rendang or chicken rendang. I choose the chicken rendang. The aroma from the rice was strong and the rice was cooked perfectly and I could say the rice was great. Then I taste the sambal. Its not as I expected, the sambal was blend, need more taste on the sambal. The Chicken rendang was excellent. the taste and the chicken was tasty. Likemyfoods…like my nasi lemak from SEDAP restaurant.



I shared the roti canai which come with a curry. The Roti canai is a flatbread influenced by Middle East and India. The way yo enjoy them by dipping the roti into a bowl of curry. It is rich and full of taste in a curry. The roti is great and heated well. I just continued dipping the roti till finish and all gone from the plate.


I looked at the other order, then I realise its not thin rice noodle. Its a fried vermicelli rice with a gravy and seafood. I asked my friend and he just quiet and enjoying the meal.. its a sign the meal was perfect, otherwise he would talked about it and complaining. I will try in my next visit.




When we almost finished the meal, I saw the other table with tofu. I found its interesting. I called the crew and asked them. Its soft tofu and dry fried with garlic. I ordered the meal as I want to try the tofu.. dry fried soft tofu. It is good , crunchy and the tofu is tasty with all the garlic, chillies and spices. Its worth it to try the tofu and I likemyfoods.



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