Fried Tofu, East Java, Indonesia

One of the famous food in Java is The “Sumedang Tofu”. It is originated from the Sumedang are in West Java. the Sundanese style of deep fried tofu are famous and be a food icon for the area Sumedang. the other name for this tofu is “Bunkeng”, it was first made and created by Chinese Indonesian, Ong Kino and to his son, Ong Bun Keng.


The tofu is empty in the middle and creamier from the others and tastier. The tofu is made and better be consumed when is hot. the cooking oil is determine the result and the size cut around 2.5 cm.

The seller usually sell them by pieces and it s around 10 cents per piece, the packaging is pretty interesting. The local called them “bongsang” made from bamboo.


One is never enough for this tofu… eat them while is hot and take a chilli padi to boast the flavour.



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