Pepper-Scones Taipe, Taiwan

I got there too early…… This afternoon I visited the Longshan Temple and walked along the street to find where the markets are. As I searched Google, it showed me a couple of  markets near the temple, Guangzhou St Market then Huaxi St Market, Xichang St Market and another one – Wuzhou St Market. The Guangzhou and Huaxi St market is bigger and more famous than the Wuzhou and Xichang market, and  Huaxi St Market is also known as Snake Alley St market since there are a lot of snake food seller in those street. I thought, I should go and have a look….


When I was there,  it was still noon, almost all the shops were closed and only some of the shops which were selling food for lunch was opened. I walked from the other side to the end and I passed one of the seller, that I found interesting. I approached them. I thought I have seen this food at Raohe Night Market before, but I didn’t bother to stop on that day. This time I stopped and asked them what they are selling, then she answered me; its a bun with pork filling, shallot and pepper.


I saw the man mixed and prepped the dough, filled them with meat which is pork, spring onion, some spices. What’s more interesting to me is the place they baked the bun. Its like a canister, and they just put the bun and stuck them vertically to the inside of the canister and baked them.


At first bite, I could taste the pepper, the meat was nicely mixed and tasted great and I could tell its a nice creation. Crispy on the outside and chewy and fluffy on the inside with the meat mixture, it’s the right combination for me. A great peppery meat mixture inside the bun.


I came back for the second time cause I Likemyfoods so much and bought more of the Pepper scone.  The vendor asked me whether I like it…. definitely a big Yes, as I came back for another. She mentioned that the food called Hu Jiao Bing in mandarin. Its originated from Fujian District China and today is famous among the locals and even the tourists.



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