Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles, Taipe Taiwan


At the night market shopping district area, Ximending, I passed the busy noodles shop last night. I thought the place will be slightly quiet due to heavy rain tonight. I decided to visit and try what is in there, I should try them.

The rainy night at a shopping district Ximending, Taipe will never stop the fan of the flour rice noodles waiting and queuing for the the favorite dishes. Tonight is the second times I  passed and looked at the shop and the queuing. Just playing in my mind, how delicious the foods served in this place.


In the middle of the rain, I followed the queuing and waiting for my turn. I saw the menu there. The menu is so simple Big for 65 TWD or small for 30 TWD. So they only sell the flour rice noodles, not other things. Then ordered the big one and move a side as the people behind me is start to order. When I got the dish, there is a little space for vinegar, soy and chili. I just put a little soy sauce on my dish.


You just simply order, paid and take your bowl. There are no table or seating to enjoy your noodles, people just sitting or standing around to enjoy the noodles. I tried to go a bit further and started to enjoy the noodles which is been there since 1975. I mixed up the gravy and the stir up the flour rice noodles and slowly enjoying the hot, soft flour rice noodles. Slurp………………. I really enjoying the noodles. There is no wonder the local love them very much.

In the morning, when the other shop was still closed, as this Ximending shopping district area is one of the famous night market, not a day market. The shop was open and I saw the people were enjoying the noodles and the queuing was there.


It is worth it to try this flour rice noodles and you will see how I like my foods in my trips and I always   taste the food, when I saw the crowd. Follow the local taste and you will find the real of the country that you have visited.

Ay Chung Flour Noodles is in Ximending District shopping area, is located on Emei St, you can reach them by get out on exit 6 from Ximending Station and just walk from there.



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