Aman Chinese Foods, Karawang-Indonesia

The memory was just back when I saw the signage at this small restaurant. Back about 35 years ago when I was a kid, I always come to this place. Its a family restaurant in Karawang, West Java. Its about 55 km from Jakarta. Suddenly the taste of the foods played in my mind. The layout were not much changed in 35 years.


aman-resto-menuI entered the restaurant with one question; What is the taste of the foods today. Then I sat down and the staff gave me the menu. I saw the menu and the food varieties are there. I saw my favorite one is still in there and I started the conversation with the staff. While I had chat with the staff, the owner of the restaurant came, I said hello to her and mentioned that I am fan of her foods and we started to share the old day stories. Its not really busy today due to the younger generation more likely the fast food meal than the traditional Chinese dishes.


I ordered the crispy mixed seafood noodles. Its not just a crispy noodles. I took slowly and taste them slowly. Its very yummy, delicious…. Could not believe that 35 years passed, but the food is still on the top list. The gravy is nice and covered the mixed veggies and the seafood. Its a good combination taste. Then when you took the crispy noodles, I can taste the right combination…..


The fish is one of my favorite, its a fried Gurami (Gurame) in sweet and sour sauce. The fish was good and fresh. the sauce was perfect. with the spring onion, carrot and onion … you can taste the freshness and the fresh fish gave you the best fried gurame fish for your lunch


The Chinese egg omelette is one of the favorite, mixed with the sauce and peas.

After 35 years and come back to the site was like a de javu for me. Love the food and the memories of the place, the foods and family. The Aman Restaurant is more than 45 years, but the quality of the foods is never gone. I said its still better than the competitor. The place can be older, the years been gone through, but the owner dedication is in every single food served to the customer..  Congratulation to your dedication and maintaining the quality of the food. The restaurant is located at Jalan Tuparev no 48, West Karawang.



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