The Famous Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Bondi beach….. one of the destination  in Sydney Australia that must be visited. The iconic beach that had been known over the world and a famous place for the local to hang out. Its located in Eastern suburb of Sydney and about 7 kms from the Sydney CBD. The bus run from the city CBD to the beach for about 30 minutes or you can ride the train to Bondi Junction and take a bus for 10 minutes. I took the train from CBD to Bondi Junction and I used google map to reach the destination by walking since the whether is nice.


When I was arrived after 20 minutes walking, I saw the sandy beach, the beach that known by world. In here you can walk along the beach, and there are a walking path on the top and  you can ride your bike, walking with the dog, walking, jogging but some rules are applied. The beach is backed by the parkland. The surrounding is very nice and attractive.



Along the street, I saw the shops and many other businesses, The Campbell Parade, Bondi. Its just a cross of the beach.Its a commercial area. That one at the corner near the Noah Backpacker accommodation is s busy coffee shop, restaurant and backpacker accommodations are located there at the main street,  even many apartments in there. The apartments that have a best view are near the Iceberg swimming Pool club and facing the ocean at the cliff.

Bondi beach lifeguard is one of the topic in Australia, even you can watch the Tv  show of their action to save life of the swimmer in Bondi. They are in Bondi and the station is located in the middle of the beach, they are called Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving club


Bondi Iceberg Swimming Pool, its a swimming pool at Bondi beach, the Bondi Iceberg swimming club is welcoming everyone and there is a membership for joining the club. The one that I heard, you are tested in qualifying swim lap and should complete certain times of swim in five years period. But there are another pool near  and you can swim there.


On the side when I walked along the sand you will find the edge of the walk way. Its Bondi North side. There are pretty nice surrounding and you can see the Bondi from different side. Worth walking and relax.


Just remember when you swim. Always follow the rules and look at the flag.


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