Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Sydney

You gonna miss them…… The not just pie with the history. Before the world war II, one guy named Harry Edwards open a little caravan near the Woolloomooloo Naval Dockyard, Sydney. It was become popular and opened until he enlisted in 1938 to the war. In 1945 He returned to Sydney from the war and he reopened the caravan.

harry-dewheel frame

Thank you GOD, he was back and reopened the business. Since then many of the famous people came to the the caravan… and for your information, in 1974, the Master of fried chicken, Colonel Sanders came to Harry’s caravan and ate three pies and peas. I think he is always hungry…… like the foods so much. The famous Pies…. Pies and Peas and this pies shipped to Los Angeles for the World media Boss; Rupert Murdoch.

harry-dewheelToday, I came again to the outlet.. to enjoy what I’ve been desperate for.. I could not find the taste and the right combination between Pie, mash potato, peas and gravy. Harry got a name for this famous creation… Harry’s Tiger.




The Harry’s Tiger, the pies are awesome with some choices of chicken, beef and seafood. The beef one is chunky tender meat and rich of peppery gravy. The seafood is a good try when you are there. The creamy and cheese sauce with fish, prawns, scallops and salmon……

harry-dewheel pie-2

The gravy, you put on the top of the mash potato and you cut the pie….. thats a taste you will never forget.. Give them a try, and for you that is in Sydney.. Its a must to come and enjoy this log history pies and you can tell me what is your feeling after you try them. Today you can come to many location of Harry’s… let give them a try…. and you can taste the real Australian Pies…by Harry’s cafe de Wheels.

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