Bangi Kopitiam, Jakarta Indonesia

I don’t know how many times I was in this Bangi Kopitiam at Jakarta. Every time I looked at the menu at Bangi Kopitiam, I always think what is in the front cover, the word Muhibbah. Today, I asked one of the crew there and got the answer is tolerance and understanding. What a great culture. That is a great Asian heritage for us in our life.


I ordered my favourite Nasi lemak with Rendang Chicken. The rice is slighly different with other kopitiam. Its more heavier taste and the aroma is good. I think its a traditional recipe from the Bangi, Malaysia. the  sambal is nice and I can taste the shrimp flavor.


The Chicken rendang not just a normal Indonesian Rendang, I can taste a bit of curry taste. I think its Malaysian rendang style. Nice and tender, the chicken was cooked perfectly.

I could not skip my Kaya butter toast. The brown slice bread toasted and filled with butter and Kaya Jam. Kaya jam is a famous Jam at Malaysia and Singapore and a traditional food for a Kopitiam (a Chinese style Cafe). Kaya is  sweet creamy coconut spread and made from brown sugar, coconut cream and well mixed with eggs and pandan flour from the pandan leaf.


What a good breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam Jakarta. The Nasi Lemak and Kaya Toast is recommended.


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