Ragusa, The Italian Legendary Ice Cream, Jakarta Indonesia

The Ice cream shop that has existed before the Indonesia independence, its open since the Dutch colonial is Ragusa. The business is run by the brothers from Italia who are built the Ice cream shop in Batavia (now is Jakarta) in 1932.


The shop is located at Jalan Veteran 1 no 10, a small shop along the old building. The front end is telling you that the shop is a traditional old style eatery place. Then when I came in to the shop and you can taste the old style decoration and layout with the antique rattan style chair and no air condition. Its a real old style place. There were many picture hanging on the wall and some were an old photo about the Ragusa Ice cream in the past.



Came to the simple menu, I saw the variety of the ice cream and its not changing since I came the last time, I can say more than ten years ago. The ice cream style were the same. The price is still really reasonable compare with the other ice cream shop around. One scoop is around Rp.15,000 (AUD$1.25). Also they offer you a popular taste and they called them, the premium flavored, its Durian flavor and Mint Raisin flavor.



Its not only Ice cream that you can enjoy in RAGUSA, you can order the foods from next door and eat them in here while you are enjoying your ice cream. Satay, Fish cake (otak-otak), Squid salad (Rujak Juhi) were available at the next door. If I was nt wrong all the seller was outside in front of the ice cream shop. Today, they moved inside the shop.

One is never enough. Every time I am here, I always order the second one. The taste are great, the shop atmosphere is great and also the price is really reasonable in here. So if you in Jakarta, please come and enjoy them.



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