Nando’s, Sydney Australia


Nando’s Grilled Chicken is one of the great place for grilled chicken in Australia. Nando’s is originated from South Africa and have an headquarter in London. That’s the one I know from the staff when I asked them





I came to one of the outlet in Eastern Suburb, Sydney, a new place and open dine outlet. They claimed as a best Portuguese Grilled Chicken in the world. So, why not give them a try.


When I was at the counter, I saw the menu and the sauce PERI PERI for sell at the front of the register. The one that I know this sauce is very popular and a good dipping sauce for the grilled chicken.


After we ordered the meal, we got the number with Nando’s logo shape and number taht we can place at the desk. Its a bit fun and make your logo as can be visualized by the customer.

I saw many bottles at the corner, the utensil table. You should take your fork, knife and serviette from this table. As well as salt, pepper and the most important is PERI PERI sauce. The big Bottle with the label on it, Peri Peri sauce with level of hotness, the tomato sauce and salad dressing.


I took the Extra Hot one as I think is gonna be nice dipping for my dinner. I put the peri peri sauce mixed with Tomato sauce.. The first bite with the dipping was nice, then the second, then…. I felt a burn in my mouth. Its a real HOT sauce for the Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce. Once again I said, its a hot one. The extra Hot Peri Peri is not for  me, even though I am a chili lover.

The Chicken grilled came with salad and chips, and we ordered the chicken ribs.The chicken ribs is a nice part and grilled well. We choose Hot and Mild sauce for the grilled chicken. The meat is tender and succulent. The spice is onto the meat, you can taste them. Grilled in a good way and sauce with the peri peri. That is why we love Nando’s and the peri peri sauce.


At Nando’s is not only grilled chicken available on their menu, It is also serves salads, chicken wings, liver, burgers, pita and teh traditional portugese dish such as espetadas. A range of sides also can be ordered sucah as corn creamy mash potato, macho peas, garlic bread, spicy rice and coleslaw




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