Old Town White Coffee, Jakarta Indonesia


With more than 20 outlets across Indonesia and more than 250 across the world, the kopitiam from Ipoh, Malaysia which was established in 1999 be a popular place for people to enjoy their breakfast or an authentic traditional Chinese coffee shop . Its a OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE,  the name that you can rely on the quality. They served the great coffee, as they blended the premium beans with the same way roasted many years ago. So, we can imagine the quality from the coffee and the aroma from the coffee.


When we came to one of the outlet in Jakarta-Indonesia, the outlet was just opened. We were the only customer and one of the crew gave us the menu and mentioned about the favorite dishes by the customers.  From the menu we can see that they offer  varieties of foods and all the menu is value for money. You can name them, from the rice, noodles, toast, snacks and the most important is the coffee.

I ordered the Kaya Butter toast, the brown bread with a butter and Kaya jam. Kaya jam is a famous Jam at Malaysia and Singapore and a traditional food for a Kopitiam (a Chinese style Cafe). Kaya is  sweet creamy coconut spread and made from brown sugar, coconut cream and well mixed with eggs and pandan flour from the pandan leaf.  Also we ordered the hainamnase toast style, basically its slice of thick bread spread with butter and toasted. When its ready the put condensed milk along the toast bread. Its sweet, buttery and good.


Rendang Chicken rice, we ordered that from the menu that cost us Rp.47,000 (AUD$4.20) The Nasi Lemak with rendang, served with egg, anchovy peanut and the sambal. The normal nasi lemak that you can see at many shop. The different is the beef is cooked in a great way, tender, smooth and the taste is great. Its not an Indonesian Padangnese style of rendang. Its a bit curry style as Malaysia cooking style.


The sambal….. This is that I never have enough for my nasi lemak. taste a bit sweet, not hot and mixed of dried shrimps and brown onion. Its a great companion to eat the rice and the fried peanut anchovy.

The snacks menu was not bad, one that I can recommend is a curry puff. Its nice and come in two pieces per portion. Its a good meals and the price is reasonable. Take your time and enjoy your coffee at your Old Town White Coffee.



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