Breakfast At McDonald’s, Malaysia


“Where is my wraps, where is my egg muffin”, they’re the thoughts that ran through my mind when I entered one of the McDonald’s in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I tried to look for them on the menu, but I couldn’t find any pictures of my favorites. Then as I approached the counter, I saw clearly the available breakfast menu.


Thank God……The Big breakfast was still there. The package served with Latte from the McCafe. It was such a good deal for RM19.65 (AUD$ 5.95) including egg, muffin, hash brown and sausage plus the Latte not just a coffee.

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When I saw the menu board, I was very surprised. They offered lots of different kinds of breakfast menu that might be available at McDonald’s Malaysia. So I asked the crew if they were still available. Cakcoi+Bubur+Soya ( Chinese Doughnut+ Rice Porridge+Soy Milk). Lucky for me, it was available and I ordered ot for RM14 (AUD$3.95) which was a really good price for a breakfast.


The porridge came in a right size, not too small but not too big. The Chinese doughnut is nice and crispy on the outside and a good size. It also came with tea. I swapped my soy milk with tea. The taste of the porridge is good, although not as hot as if you get it at the porridge stall but in terms of flavor, it was there. I like the Chinese doughnut, its crispy on the outside and not oily. It’s a good Chinese doughnut.


The other thing that gave me a surprise was the free refills. You get free refills for your coffee and tea, available at the corner of the restaurant. Is that for real? ¬†YES, you can have them for free. Only at McDonald’s Malaysia.


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