Panda Express, Honolulu

The Panda is everything… I found the cute Panda picture in the entrance and said Gourmet Chinese. The Restaurant is called Panda Express. I never knew this one exist until I came to the States. In fact, its really popular in USA and they have overseas branches as well such as in Canada, Japan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates.


I am always hungry….. I came in and tried to understand my appetite today, am I gonna go with chicken, prawns, meat , veggies, noodles, rice…?  there were so many dishes along the counter that you can choose.  Found the little menu near the counter.. but my eyes still at you… (Panda)


The Panda express offer you a healthy American Chinese Cuisine. There are about 40,000 Chinese Restaurant around USA, and the Panda Express is one of the successful cuisine for all American. I will taste them today and I will tell you what I eat today.

One of the signature dish is an Orange Chicken which is cooked with the same recipe for more than 30 years by the founder.




The prawns, the chicken and noodles are on my plate today. A big surprise that the dishes came in a big portion and I can say… its HUGE. the price was really reasonable $8.20 (AUD$10.50) and if you choose prawns, its $1.50 extra.

Its time for trying the famous Asian fast food. The orange chicken (its similar with Australian Asian lemon chicken). The taste is great, the chicken meat is tender and the flavor are great, with the crispy batter and  orange sauce around it, not too sweet, not too hot and not too sour. Great..its true that the great taste came from the old recipe and been around for more than 30 years. The broccoli beef cooked in a right way, the beef are good and mixed nicely with the gravy and the broccoli. The fried noodles is just normal chow mien and the fried rice is good.


At the corner of the restaurant, I found the Panda Tea Bar, its selling drinks and varieties of tea. From milk tea, lemon tea, smoothies and off course the bubble tea. Just want a drink after a full of nice meal today.


The varieties of food is great, price is cheap consider the big portion and the taste is great. Its not just fast food..its American Asian Cuisine fast food and you should try, if you are there.


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