Run…Forrest..Run… Honolulu Hawaii

Run…Forrest..Run.. the phrase that always be in our mind. This restaurant inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. The American seafood restaurant called Bubba Gump Shrimp founded in 1994 and today are exist in many countries including Asia. Thinking something yummy tonight, I decided to give a visit one of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant in Ala Moana Centre, Honolulu.


The Name is reflecting in the Restaurant layout, as the name Bubba Gump Scrimp Co, the foods served here mostly from seafood and shrimp, as well as chicken cooked in Southern style and Cajun cuisine.

The Restaurant offers almost all the meal with the Forrest Gump movie characters name, like Jenny’s Catch and the restaurant’s bestseller Forrest’s Seafood Feast. Restaurants also display movie memorabilia throughout the restaurant. All the trivia are can be played here and the interesting one, I can call the staff here with “Stop…Forest..Stop” sign

The Logo was fun seem like the atmosphere that the staff offered to the guest, they asked about us, especially when you came “the down under” the lucky country Australia, they were pretty interesting about it. So its time for the real one, the food. The staff made a suggestion what the best and popular in this restaurant and explained them. They are nice and friendly.



The chicken, I couldn’t stop myself not to order chicken, by looking at the menu, I was tempted to order MAMA SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN, boneless breast of the chicken fried in souther style with golden corn mashed potato gravy… slurp….. yum..yum


THE SHRIMPERS HEAVEN, they served the food in a different way, served with the chips, breaded coconut shrimp and tempura fried. The sauce is homemade and all are nice. Love the Shrimp, Don’t forget to order this when you are there.


BEST OF THE BEST SAMPLER was called for the dessert, They called the hook, line and sinker. what a name. When I saw the dessert, I am speechless. A good combination of all the dessert. Am I full? Yes I am..but to taste this best the best why not…. first,The warm bread pudding, then the homemade biscuits with fresh strawberries and the other sample is melt in mouth Chocolate Chip Cookies Sundae.


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