Tan Viet Noodle House – Famous Crispy Chicken, Sydney

It was just 10.00 am, when I arrived at this place but the queue had already started. This place is famous for the crispy chicken noodles. But this isn’t a problem if you are not a fan of noodles…. You can also enjoy your crispy chicken with tomato rice or steamed rice. You can taste many variety of foods. Broken Rice ($14) and Hainanese Chicken ($14) rice is also recommended. The Restaurant is located at Shop 2-3/100 John Street, Cabramatta, Sydney, Australia. You can easily find this place in the middle of the main street of Cabramatta. Not surprisingly at lunch time and dinner time, you will find the queue non stop all day long. But don’t be afraid of the queue, it moves quite fast.

Lucky I didn’t have to wait for too long for a table. I sat very close to the entrance and I could see more and more people queuing.

 Looking at the menu, there is a great variety of food offered from chicken, pork and also….goat. What a nice range.. and also I found duck.

Hmm.. I was tempted to try the duck -. The Black Herbal Duck ($15) since duck is my one of my favorite. But I stuck with ordering Broken Rice and Crispy Chicken.

The chilli sauce, soy suace is on our table, and also there are glasses and tea are available at the table.. for free.

Come for drinks… I never forget to check at the menu, Vietnamese ice coffee and some drinks are available, The one is always be in my heart is the Vietnamese Three Colour Drinks. I do not understand why they called it Three Colour, there a mug beans, kidney beans, jelly and tapioca Cendol with Ice and coconut Milk. It is sweet but nice.

The Special Vietnamese Broken Rice (Com Tam). Its a combination rice, pork chop, meatloaf, and shredded pork mixed with rice noddles and egg. One that I noticed, the broken rice is normal rice with big percentage of “broken” one and stickier. I think that the way they used broke rice in the meal. Its yummy. The combination grilled pork is nice, I can taste the lemon grass on it. The meat loaf and rice noodles pork are boost the flavor of the meal.  I can say the Vietnamese broken rice combination is a special dish and You should try it.

The crispy chicken, are excellent, succulent and juicy inside and crispy outside… Its unbelievable nice.. When its served, I think gonna be a normal deep fried chicken. But I was wrong. Its nice.. I repeated myself… NICE… even when I am writing this, the crispy from the chicken is still playing in my mind.

 To go to Cabramatta, you can get there from Sydney CBD by train from Sydney Central Station to Cabramatta Station for 50 minutes or driving along freeway M5 for an hour. The station is just behind the busy central area of Cabramatta.


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