Pork Satay Under The Tree (Sate Babi Bawah Pohon), Bali

“Have you ever tried the best Pork Satay in Bali”… This same question was always asked when I visit Bali.. I am in Bali now and today I have a mission to try this Pork Satay.

I arrived at the place “Sate Babi Bawah Pohon”( Pork Satay under the tree) and the first thing that came to my mind….  ís this the place? is this real? As the place looked like a temporary place, just with a tent and under the tree. I wasn’t sure whether to go inside or not. But the queue had already started, and if I don’t join them, it will become longer and I may not get a seat. I hear stories of people having to eat whilst sitting in their car or even just standing near by. This must be good!!

I looked inside the tent and saw three people at front of the tent, grilling the satay on a traditional charcoal BBQ. The Satay is marinated in a big stainless bowl. Hundreds and hundreds of them, being grilled  by them.

I could smell the aroma, the smokey aroma of char-grilled meat and I knew in that second, that I had come to the right place. This is right place to try the famous satay. Nice smell, smell like char-grilled meat and poured with oil from the pork fat and mixed with spices…


I got a seat pretty quickly, the service was super fast. The staff just asked how many sticks I wanted. By looking at the table next to me, I saw the Satay was relatively small and without hesitation, I said 20 please.. It costs Rp. 20,000 (AUD$1.85) per 10 sticks. What a bargain!! I put my order in and I order the satay with rice cake and  “Soto babi” (Pork Soup)

Whilst I waited for my order, I tried to look at the “kitchen” from up close and all I can say is that it’s nothing like a normal kitchen. It is only an open space, and the staff there just do the same thing for day.

I approached them and asked how many stick they grilled a day. It shocked me when they said  around 10,000 sticks a day during a normal day.


As I looked up after my brief chat, more people started to fill the space and the seat were all taken. Even when they could see all seats were taken, they still put their order for the satay and I know they would be eating in their car or standing around outside.

When my order came, I could smell that lovely char-grilled aroma of the satay, but I was also confused as, there are no peanut sauce. When I called the staff to ask them, they explained to me that this satay is eaten without peanut satay and only with salt and chilli paddy with soy sauce.. Without hesitation, I took my first bite….. wouw.. I fell in love at the first bite.. the meat was tender, tasty and the spices that marinated the meat are dellliiiccioous…… Awesome.

Then came my Pork soup, a simple soup with pork and bones.. so yummy.. a perfect combination with the grilled satay.

Taste..taste.. and taste, there is no other taste like Under the tree, there might be many pork satay offered in Bali, but I suggest you try this. It’s highly recommended. A must when you come to Bali.

For your information the place is located at Legian side of Bali, and can easily be found. The address is Jl. Patih Jelantik, Legian, Kuta-Bali. Near Gelora Trisakti.


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